Per4mance Anxiety

Per4mance Anxiety | 1 Point of View by Sharon Moore-Foster

What is it about a blank piece of paper, canvas whatever that intimidates even the most composed human being?

Is it Undiluted Potential that stands like a towering monolith, casting (at first) a HUGE shadow over our modest, mortal selves?

Is it the Mirror of Fables and Foibles, reflecting the disabling, destructive and self-deprecating views we carry in our arms so that we aren’t free to lift a brush or a pen?

Perhaps could it be so simple that it is the perfection of the moment before engagement… the quiet before the storm of obsessive enquiry and unceasing labour.  Once the mark, the word is committed, we are lost to our family, friends and co-workers.  Even when we are physically present, we are either ghosts of ourselves, frustrating others as they attempt to relate, or we are a walking maelstrom of frenetic energy, multitasking ineffectively on one plane while our minds spirits float above the fray.

What b.s. #!  You sound like one of those ceramics monthly idiots, blathering on about what you think about art or if it is art or how good you are at talking about art.   Who gives a d—?  Just get in the studio and get to work!

I argued, but Dad was right…not eloquent or tactful, but right nonetheless.  His simple rule of thumb was:  get up, put on your work clothes, grab your coffee and head out to the shop.  He accomplished a huge body of work in his lifetime…not all finished, not all refined, not all sold…but a body of work to be proud of.  As well as a hotel, several restaurants and houses, all of his grandchildren have amazing oak rolltop desks, deacon’s benches and cedar chests and a collection of his pottery.  The sheer volume of his work demonstrated his daily work ethic and generated some beautiful pieces.

What is this…a eulogy! #!   Would you just shut up and get to work!  Quit analyzing everything to death, get in the studio and get started.  Something will happen, it always does.

And I guess that’s the long and short of it all.  If you have time to waste, or if you need to build up a surge of fear or angst-driven adrenaline before you get to work, work whatever distractions you desire into your game plan.  It’s your process.

But you may want to consider the merits of showing up where you need to be…studio, shop, spare room… dressed for work, coffee in hand and sees how it plays out.

~Sharon Moore Foster